I loved the atmosphere and all the authors. I thought the 1920s murder mystery was fun and a little competition doesn’t hurt anyone lol

Attendee Teresa Hillendahl

As an attending author who writes juvenile fiction, I am delighted to say my biggest thrill was being able to meet my readers and chat with them in person!
Author Bess Sturgis

Author Bess Sturgis

This was my first signing event ever, and I even went by myself. Everyone is so great, and it was so much fun! I loved meeting new people and my favorite authors! The fact that random people were willing to let me hang out with them was awesome and much appreciated!

Attendee Shannon Williamson

The event was great! There were so many authors to meet and books to look through. I loved all the events that were available and how it didn't feel like we had to go to it all. The whole thing was absolutely wonderful and enjoyed my time there. So glad my friend convinced me to finally go! I cannot wait until next year

Attendee Liz Galloway

This was my first book/author event. All the authors and PA's I met were so nice and genuine, even recognizing my name from books I ordered. I also met authors I have never heard of. They were all genuinely nice, even if I didn't buy any books from them. I am super excited to go again next year, planning to go VIP and attend all the events!!

Attendee Beth Ann Bequette

This was my first signing as an attending author and I am hooked for life. Penned Con was such an amazing experience with great authors, readers, seminars and events! Great people, great books and fun themes... Loved every bit of it!

Author M.R. Leahy

Penned Con was the very first book signing my daughter and I ever went to five years ago. It was Penned Con's first event too! We have been back every year, five years going strong! Amazingly, every year is better than the year before! I don't know how that's possible, but it's true. And it feels like a huge family reunion every year with the authors and readers we've met and stayed in touch with on Facebook. And Penned Con raises money for Action for Autism, so that makes it that much more special! Looking forward to next year already!

Attendee Sherry Colegrove

I love how everyone makes you feel like you have known each other forever. Everyone was very friendly. We had a great time. The variety of Authors and Genres are Amazing. Best of all you are helping a great cause.

Attendee Cynthia Hilyer

Amazing and stress free event! The Penned Con staff and volunteers work hard to make the event fun and fabulous. I'm looking forward to my third year!

Author Melanie James

Loved everything about this conference--never feel rushed, always feel as if each author is treated as if they are NYT best selling authors, and the readers are treated like royalty. I recommend this conference to everyone I can.

Author Lynda Cox

“I have been attending Penned Con since its beginning in 2014. I met some amazing authors and friends that first year and kept in touch via FB. Then an awesome thing happens in 2015 and I meet new authors and make new friends. To see them again year after year is like a family reunion. Just when I think it can’t get any better in 2016, it does. Amy and Rick Miles have outdone themselves yet again. Another epic year !! Wonderful friendships renewed and new ones born. Memories made to last a lifetime. Not only did all of that make my heart swell, add in the charity Action for Autism which is why Penned Con all came about in the first place. Being able to participate in raising money for such a great cause, to see the children you’ve helped get a scholarship, well it makes it swell even bigger.”

Attendee Debbie Cooper

“It’s really hard for me to describe how much I loved this event. I appreciate all the hard work Rick, Amy, and the volunteers put into making Penned Con run so smoothly. It’s always fun and informative. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful book family! I love seeing old friends and making new ones. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Author Amy Hale

“This has become an annual event that my friends and family plan for! I absolutely adore the opportunity to meet these authors who are visibly excited to share their work! Every year, I find a new book boyfriend, girl power crush, or villain to despise thanks to this awesome weekend. The fact that all event proceeds go towards a local charity is icing on the bookworm cake”

Attendee Jamie Fradelos

“Penned Con is truly the highlight of my year! From the very first year I was blown away by the level of excellence with which Rick and Amy Miles executed this event. They are consistently conscientious of the little things, like closing the signing room during lunch so no one missing a single moment meeting authors and readers. As an author, I am truly blessed by the sense of community Penned Con has. From the panels and breakout sessions, to the way in which Penned Con staff interact with authors and readers, there is an atmosphere of community that fosters growth as an author and encourages readers to explore new authors.

Author AnnaLisa Grant

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